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Manager Checklist

First Day Checklist
Goal: To provide a welcome environment, to facilitate clear expectations, and to provide the tools the new employee
needs for superior performance
  Greet the New Hire at the designated time and location - discuss first day agenda.
  Officially introduce the new hire to the entire department - schedule informal lunch with co-workers.
  Review keys and access/security issues.
  Provide overview of logistical issues (parking, coffee, copiers, supplies, bathrooms, etc.)
  Conduct building tour.
  Arrange for observation of departmental activities, if appropriate.
  Set up a brief meeting with department head, if appropriate.
  Review resources available to successfully meet the needs of the department.
  Discuss job expectations and review job description.
  Assign first project and review assignments awaiting the employee.
  Direct new hire to New Employee Website.  (
  Answer any questions or commit to getting answers you may not have.
  Encourage new hire to keep a journal of notes and questions.
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