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Employee Welcome Letter

(to the New Employee from the Supervisor)


Dear [Employee’s first name],

Greetings! The [department name] team is eagerly anticipating your arrival at MVNU! The experience and attributes you bring to the position of [new employee’s job title] will greatly benefit our department.

The mission at MVNU is “To seek to learn is to seek to serve.” We believe that our department contributes to the overall mission of MVNU by [type of services provided by the department].

We have taken steps in the [department name] to make your first few days, weeks, and months more enjoyable and get you started on a path to success. These include [list examples such as preparing work space, ordering supplies, establishing goals].

The [department name] is ready to support your transition to MVNU. Please make certain to complete the documents in the welcome packet sent by Human Resources and return them to the university as soon as possible. Call on any of us in the [department name] to assist you should you have questions prior to your first day of work. We are looking forward to a long-term relationship and your success at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.


[Supervisor Name]

[Supervisor Title]

©2015 Mount Vernon Nazarene University