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Time of Service Credit

Mount Vernon Nazarene University seeks to employ the most qualified people available for its various assignments and responsibilities. Often, a need is satisfied with the employment of a person who has served another institution of higher education for an extended period of time. Also, for positions requiring specific skill-sets, experience within the Church of the Nazarene may be directly applicable to successfully executing their new MVNU responsibilities. Recognizing the benefits that such experience brings to this unique industry, the following policy applies:

If a person hired by MVNU has been previously employed by another accredited institution of higher education, and that institution offers baccalaureate, masters or doctoral degrees, the equivalent years of service to that institution shall be included when calculating levels of benefits from the University. “Equivalent years of service” is calculated by ratably adjusting years of qualifying employment for work that is less than full-time. Also, if an individual has been employed by the Church of the Nazarene in the past and will be applying that experience directly within their new assignment at MVNU, equivalent years of service shall be included when calculating levels of benefits from the University. Determination of what constitutes the direct application of such prior experience will be assessed by the University and applied at its sole discretion.

For purposes of this policy, the added equivalent years of experience shall apply to the following benefits: the rate at which vacation is earned, the level of the University’s retirement plan contribution, early and full retirement qualifications, employee dependent tuition assistance (EDTAG) and any other University benefit that is based on years of service to MVNU. This policy does not apply to the determination of rank and/or salary level.

Should questions arise concerning the provisions of this policy or eligibility for it, please contact the office of Human Resources.

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