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Student Employment WebTime Instructions

PLEASE READ: If you work in a department that utilizes the “WebTime” system, take the following steps to ensure that your work time is submitted for approval:
  • Go to
  • Click on “Student Pages”
  • Click on “My Finances”
  • Under the Student Employment heading, click on “Fill out your weekly timecard”
  • Choose your job in the drop down box
  • Enter the week beginning date – it will always be a Saturday
  • For every day that you worked that week, enter the time you would have “clocked in and clocked out” of your shift. All time must be recorded as military time to differentiate between AM and PM shifts. If you need instructions on using military time, find out more at:
  • Click “Submit” to immediately send the web timecard to your supervisor for approval or click “Save” if you will be adding more hours to that week at a later time
  • For additional questions, contact your supervisor!
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